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  certifications Global GAP
Ethical Trading Initiative

All Maniagro Argentina processes are certified in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), under the International Codex Alimentarius Guidelines.

In the same sense, since May 2011 the Quality Management System and Food Safety was certified according to the guidelines of the Global Standard for Food Safety, BRC (British Retail Consortium), one of the more demanding standards, prestige and recognition in the international food market.

In addition, from June 2012 Maniagro Argentina incorporated its Measuring of Carbon Footprint Corporate Product to its Integrated Management System (IMS) to make a sustainable planning in order to minimize the impact caused in their operations.

Also, in September 2012, Maniagro Argentina obtained his Membership at the Argentine Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (IARSE), with the aim of participating in an organization focused on promoting the values of corporate social responsibility. For this reason, in December the company successfully completed the first international verification of IMS on the implementation of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI Code), adding the criteria for Social Responsibility (CSR) in their daily management.

In June 2013, peanuts production of Maniagro Argentina was certified under Good Agricultural Practices by standard Global G.A.P.